The Top 12 Christian Books for Women Everyone Needs to Read

Book recommendations are not hard to come by, but good book recommendations are a different story. Especially when you’re looking for something to read that resonates with you spiritually, trustworthy suggestions are key.

That’s why we created this guide! We’ll go over our top 12 recommendations of Christian books for women that are sure to speak to you, no matter what you’re looking for.

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Christian Books for Women on Spiritual Growth

Some weeks, you don’t have the energy to open your Bible. Others, you skim something that just doesn’t impact you, despite your high hopes. We’ve all been there, but the right resources can help you navigate those seasons.

The following Christian books for women can help you conquer the stunt of your spiritual growth.

This section lists the best Christian books for women on spiritual growth.

Follow God’s Will by Brittany Ann

This is the cover for Follow God’s Will, one of the best Christian books for women on spiritual growth.

If you have many years of Bible studying under your belt, you may be familiar with many of its lessons and stories. But applying biblical wisdom to your own life can be tricky.

Brittany Ann’s Follow God’s Will mixes Scripture with real-life stories and practical advice to help women tackle the question, “What does God want me to do?” This Christian book for women teaches readers how to confidently live out God’s Word, both in practical daily action and in bold pursuit of His will for their lives.

Stand in Confidence by Amanda Pittman

This image shows the cover for Stand in Confidence, a great Christian book for women about spiritual growth.

Society, the church, the workplace, and every other aspect of life places demands on women about who they’re supposed to be. As if the yearning for love, acceptance, and validation wasn’t complicated enough in our broken world, the endless confusion around women’s identities makes it nearly impossible to find confidence.

Stand in Confidence helps women discover the truth about their God-given identity through four components of confidence:

  • Clarity: Embrace your identity and define your design.
  • Connection: Connect with God and connect with others.
  • Competency: Develop your ability and expand your capacity.
  • Conviction: Know your responsibility and use your authority.

With a new perspective on their identity and purpose, women can be empowered to put an end to people-pleasing and find security in their God-given callings.

Take Back Your Joy by Nicole Jacobsmeyer

This is the cover for Nicole Jacobsmeyer’s Christian book for women, Take Back Your Joy.

Trial after trial, the enemy holds nothing back when employing the world to attack us. We can easily feel defeated, incapable, and desperate for God to show up again when it seems like He’s nowhere to be found.

Nicole Jacobsmeyer speaks from experience in Take Back Your Joy, a Christian book for women whose spiritual growth feels stunted by the obstacles of this world. She shares biblical strategies for conquering trials, such as:

  • Staying grounded in God’s Word
  • Serving others
  • Choosing to forgive
  • Surrendering control

In this book, you’ll learn how to take courage as you battle your doubts and find the clarity to pursue your purpose, even in hard times.

Christian books for women studying Scripture

Whether you don’t understand a certain passage of Scripture or you’re looking to dive deeper into a particular Biblical passage, there are plenty of books out there to help you learn more! The following books for Christian women explore important biblical stories and lessons to help you take your knowledge of God’s Word one step further.

This section lists the best Christian books for women about Scripture.

Fall in Love with God’s Word by Brittany Ann

This is the cover for one of the best Christian books for women studying Scripture, Fall in Love with God’s Word.

It can’t be overstated—between being a mother, wife, employee (or employer), church member, and friend, Christian women are busy! These are just some of the roles women fill, and there are many more, but the most important role was missing from this list: follower of God.

Brittany Ann’s Fall in Love with God’s Word explores the challenge that many Christian women face: studying the Bible in the midst of life’s chaos. This Christian book helps women study Scripture by sharing practical strategies to:

  • Overcome spiritual resistance
  • Create and maintain a solid devotional schedule
  • Find advice in Scripture

Use this compelling resource to protect your time with God and learn to fall back in love with His Word again.

Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study by Warren Wiersbe

This shows the cover for Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study, which provides context for the entire Bible in one of the best Christian books for women.

Do you ever feel unsure of how to interpret Scripture? Are you skeptical of other people’s interpretations? Deciphering the Bible can be tricky, considering it was written thousands of years ago and in a different language.

Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study is a comprehensive guide to biblical interpretation. In this guide to God’s Word, Dr. Warren Wiersbe provides insight into Scripture’s history, meaning, and context.

Flash Theology by Jenny Randle and Brayden Brookshier

This image is the cover for Flash Theology, one of the best Christian books for women about theology.

Your beliefs about God are the foundation of your faith, but where do they come from? You shouldn’t just trust a friend, family member, or even pastor to determine these beliefs for you, which is why Flash Theology was written.

Through the use of compelling visuals, this book helps Christians understand theology and apply it to their lives by:

  • Connecting God’s character and the believer’s identity
  • Internalizing truths about God’s heart for His children
  • Finding encouragement in life’s purpose

In 31 bite-sized truths of Christianity, this book helps women strengthen the foundation of their faith by getting to know God better.

Books for Christian women’s Bible study groups

You can talk about any book with the women in your Bible study group, but not all books are conducive to studying together! The following Christian books for women are great resources to help your Bible study group strengthen its community and encourage one another.

This section lists the best Christian books for women’s Bible study groups.

Wait and See by Wendy Pope

This is the cover for Wait and See, which is one of the best Christian books for women to study as a group.

Women have all sorts of different ambitions, but one thing in common: there’s always something on the horizon. Whether you want a certain job, a husband, or a new house, you may always be looking to the future and not focusing on God’s work in the present.

In Wait and See, Wendy Pope draws on the story of David to help you shift your focus to the now. As you take heart alongside your spiritual community, this Christian book for women encourages you to:

  • Participate in God’s work in the present
  • See the benefit of inviting others into the wait
  • View God’s pauses as opportunities to know Him better
  • Gain confidence in God’s plans, even during uncertain times

Learn to joyfully join God’s present work instead of idolizing your future desires.

Singing in the Dark by Ginny Owens

This is the book cover for Singing in the Dark, which is another great Christian book for women to study together.

In life’s toughest moments, you may not know where to turn. As you lean on your sisters in Christ for encouragement, you can all draw closer to God through the solace found in Scripture.

In Singing in the Dark, Ginny Owens helps women learn how to enjoy communion with God during their darkest days through the elements of music and prayer. This Christian book for women uses the poetry and words of Scripture that the people of the Bible also relied on in unfavorable circumstances.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

This is the cover for a great Christian book for women called Crazy Love.

It’s no mystery that our love is no match for the love that God gives us. In fact, some might even say that the unconditional love we receive from the God of the universe is crazy.

If your Bible study group is looking to spark authentic, passionate love for God, Francis Chan’s Crazy Love is a great resource! Whether you need convincing of God’s relentless love or want to know how you can fall in love with God, this Christian book will change the way you see love forever.

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Christian books for women about relationships

Relationships can get messy, and even when they aren’t, we have to put in a lot of hard work to make sure they keep sailing smoothly! Our following list of Christian books for women about relationships can help women manage their friendships, romantic interests, broken relationships, and more through Christ-like love.

This section lists the best Christian books for women about relationships.

She’s Not Your Enemy by Jenn Schultz

This is the cover for a book about navigating relationships with other people, She’s Not Your Enemy, which is a great book for Christian women.

Whether it’s your teenage daughter or your irritable coworker, women sometimes just can’t get along. It can be hard to remember that there’s a much worse enemy behind this contention, especially when we see this conflict face-to-face. But the truth is that Satan is the true enemy, and discord and division are his primary weapons.

In She’s Not Your Enemy, Jenn Schultz helps us understand our unique roles in God’s kingdom when we:

  • Let go of seeing other women as competition
  • Address our envy, jealousy, people–pleasing, and perfectionism
  • Understand how our view of God impacts how we view ourselves and others

Remember, there’s strength in numbers! If you really want to battle your enemy, stop trying to fight the women who could join your army. There’s freedom in the Christian community, but you must first find your identity in Christ before you can cultivate that community.

Living Unbroken by Tracie Miles

This is the cover for a Christian book for women by Tracie Miles called Living Unbroken, which discusses divorce.

Some relationships are unsavable, but what do you do once that tie has been broken? In this Christian book for women who have experienced divorce or the break-up of a serious relationship, Tracie Miles explores how to understand and overcome the emotional toll it can take on a woman.

Living Unbroken shares the remarkable joy that can be found through God’s strength even during a difficult time. The book helps women to:

  • Rebuild strength
  • Battle loneliness
  • Restore happiness
  • Walk through grief
  • Look forward to the future

Don’t let a broken relationship or marriage stop you from seeing God’s provision and plans for your life.

Greater Joy TWOgether by Ted Cunningham

This image shows the book cover for a Christian women’s book on relationships, Greater Joy TWOgether.

Even strong relationships must be maintained by wise guidance and hard work. Greater Joy TWOgether helps couples do just that! This 52-week devotional provides biblical guidance and practical advice to keep your relationship on the right track, including:

  • Fun date ideas
  • Thoughtful conversation starters
  • Short prayers

Equipped with the information from a short devotional, Bible verse, and ideas for practical next steps, you and your partner can learn to pursue each other as you draw closer to God and have fun together in the process.

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