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Take Back Your Joy

Nicole Jacobsmeyer

After experiencing a number of traumatic events in the space of a decade (assault, depression, miscarriage, cancer), Nicole Jacobsmeyer was left feeling defeated and ill-prepared for the trials she faced. With a devastated heart full of questions about the God she was raised to love, Nicole questioned if He had given her more than she could handle.

But there is always more to the story with Christ.

Trial after trial, Nicole allowed God to strengthen her faith, and now she shares  biblical strategies that carried her through:

  • stay grounded in God’s Word
  • serve others
  • choose forgiveness
  • give up control
  • and many more!

Take Back Your Joy gives readers a renewed sense of hope, a reassurance that we’re not alone in our doubts and questions, and a clear sense of purpose even in hard times.

Softcover: 978-0-8307-8287-1
Release date: October 4, 2022

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Nicole Jacobsmeyer has a passion for helping women walk in victory, joy, and faith in the face of trials, sorrow, and suffering. Nicole and her husband have four children under the age of seven and reside in North Carolina. Nicole spends her spare time helping women understand that God is good no matter what through Instagram (@nicole.jacobsmeyer), her blog and lifestyle website NicoleJacobsmeyer.com, and the “Embracing Chaos Podcast.”

Her book, Take Back Your Joy, released October 4, 2022