Remembering can be sweet and wonderful but it can also be hard and carry hurts. The Lord offers clarity in the mess concerning what we should be remembering.


The other day I was walking through a department store and passed a large display for Levi’s Silver Tab jeans. I heard rumblings that 90s fashion was en vogue again, but here

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Taking steps toward growing your faith or better loving God? You can be a prime target for spiritual attacks. Learn how to use the sword of the Spirit, to fight back.

How to Use the Sword of the Spirit

Have you ever felt powerless to control the spiral of thoughts, worries, or fears that consume your mind on a regular basis? Alternately, have you ever wished so badly that you could

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What body image giants, or Goliaths, are in our lives? How can we pick up the stones that God is revealing to us to defeat those giants?

Battling Your Body Image Giants

I was kneeling in worship at our church when God spoke clearly to me: “Rachael, take off the heavy armor others have told you to wear. Trust Me to show you which

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Take your hard situation and make it a cup of holy surrender. Hard comes the question is what will we do with them when they come?

When Hard and Holy Meet

We all know about less than perfect lives. Yet, we are often surprised when circumstances disappoint us and life hits hard. I am personally familiar with the dance of questions, worries, and

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Walking humbly when we’ve been hurt and angered by someone can be difficult. But as daughters of the most-high God, we can choose the right response by stepping away from the pain to embrace the power of humility and accomplish greater things.

Walking Humbly

It’s difficult to walk humbly when we’ve been hurt and angered by someone. There are times in our lives when words and behaviors of others cut so deeply that we find ourselves

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Walking the path toward leadership begins with choosing to do so. And sometimes, that one choice blazes the trail for a legacy.

Leadership to Legacy

Reflections of the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The call to courageous moments begins with a choice. Whether you consider yourself a leader by design or by reluctant selection from

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As we press in to Him, we must push past insecurity, doubt, and fear and push forward in our calling.

Press In to Push Forward

I love the start of a new year. It’s become a tradition in my house for me to trap my husband in a car when we’re on a drive somewhere and force

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I would encourage you to set goals but have the courage to give up your goals if the Lord leads you in a different direction.

Give Up Your Goal

It’s time. It’s a new year. Name your goals, write your resolutions, craft your dream board. Evaluate what was and then push towards what will be. Choose your word. Let’s make this

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