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Peace in the Waiting

June Chapman

Through compassionate guidance and encouragement, Peace in the Waiting helps us navigate the grief, confusion, and urgency we feel for our loved ones who don’t follow Jesus.

Author June Chapman vulnerably guides us toward less striving and more hope by including prayer prompts in every chapter and through weaving the heartfelt story of her own experience with a non-Christian friend.

Peace in the Waiting is a practical and empathetic guide for Christians struggling with grief over loved ones who have rejected or wandered away from Jesus.

Drawing on her own experience of longing for a close friend to meet and follow God, author June Chapman guides us through the steps of lamenting, trusting in God’s plan, and finding rest and refuge in His character. Peace in the Waiting compassionately explores:

  • Naming and processing our sorrow over friends and family who don’t know God
  • Remembering that a loved one’s salvation is not up to us
  • Our questions about unanswered prayers
  • Our confusion and frustration about some people being saved and not others
  • Embracing peace even in the urgency we feel for our loved ones to know Jesus

Peace in the Waiting calls us to take the focus off ourselves and trust in God’s promises so that we might have a renewed sense of hope for those we love the most.

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June Chapman is a business professional in the greater Washington, DC, area. Peace in the Waiting is her first book. She is the 2022 winner of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Compel Book Proposal Challenge with David C Cook. Visit her at