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Life Is Messy, God Is Good

Cynthia Yanof

The ordinary can be messy—but God is there. As Cynthia Yanof shares authentic—and often hilarious—glimpses into her stories, she helps shift our perspectives to understand God’s greater purposes, even in the seemingly ordinary places of our lives.

Whether you are navigating a child’s learning differences, working late on yet another deadline, or simply horrified that your morning routine now includes plucking chin hair, Life Is Messy, God Is Good reminds you that God longs for you to know He is with you, He is for you, and He is at work in you—even in the mess.

Cynthia Yanof knows how sloppy, slippery, and downright hard life can be. But as she reminds us through her laugh-out-loud stories and heartfelt companionship, God’s not surprised when we drop the ball, trip up, or have trouble getting our Spanx on in the morning. He can use our ridiculous messes and even the really difficult I-didn’t-sign-up-for-this losses to shape us.

In Life Is Messy, God Is Good, Cynthia invites us to reframe the challenges we’re facing so we can see God at work—and laugh more along the way. Join her in discovering how:

  • We can be faithful to God’s purposes right where we are, dirty dishes and all
  • God loves to drag—er, call—us out of our status quo lives
  • One of life’s greatest blessings is a handful of determined, crazy, godly friends
  • Trusting God completely means holding loosely to things that will inevitably let us down
  • Let go of who the world says you are supposed to be and become who God created you to be

An encouraging—and hilarious—book for those seeking to deepen their faith while balancing the realities of work, family, friends, and everyday callings, Life Is Messy, God Is Good reminds us to see our stories through the lens of God’s greatest story of all.

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Cynthia Yanof is a wife, mother, podcaster, blogger, and everyday girl who is committed to not taking herself too seriously. She hosts the popular MESSmerized podcast and spends her days laughing, parenting her three kids, and praying for her family to chase after their God-sized dreams.


“I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Cynthia Yanof many times about God’s calling on our lives and how it’s often masked in the most ordinary, everyday moments. Faithfulness in the ordinary and finding God’s presence in life’s messiest moments are at the heart of Life Is Messy, God Is Good. I’m so grateful for a much-needed dose of laughter and biblical wisdom.”
Mark Batterson
“No one can make you laugh and praise Jesus within the span of just two paragraphs like Cynthia Yanof . In these pages, she reminds you that a messy life is normal. And even greater news: God is good, and God is for you in the hard, devastating, and mundane moments. With witty stories and gospel truth, Life Is Messy, God Is Good is the book you need to keep moving forward with confidence knowing the story isn’t over yet. Thank goodness.”
Heather MacFadyen
"Cynthia is one of those writers who always keeps things interesting. She is hilarious and will hit you with deep truths you weren’t expecting. And just when you anticipate a deep dive, she’ll touch you with a sentimental story that resonates with your soul because she is so real. She’s great because she is an incredibly gifted writer. And she’s better than great because she is an incredibly relatable woman."
Jonathan Pitts