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A Table in the Wilderness

Lina AbuJamra

This six-week Bible study invites you to feast on God’s goodness as you explore the physical and spiritual tables of Scripture such as the Passover table, the wedding table at Cana, and the table of the Lord’s Supper.

You’ve been invited to feast on the goodness of God! This unique six-week Bible study with companion videos points us to five tables that God offers as physical and spiritual reminders of His love, mercy, and overflowing kindness.

As Bible teacher Lina AbuJamra shows us, stories of God’s tables of blessing are woven throughout Scripture. In addition to an introduction about why God chooses to feed us in order to teach us about His goodness, A Table in the Wilderness offers in-depth Bible study on the tables of:

  • Salvation (Passover)—when you need to be rescued
  • Unexpected belonging (King David’s table)—when you deserve to be punished
  • Overflowing satisfaction (the wedding at Cana)—when you feel empty
  • Remembrance (the Lord’s Supper)—when you’re likely to forget
  • Eternal celebration (the marriage supper of the Lamb)—when life is hard

A Table in the Wilderness also includes free QR code quick link access to streaming videos, spiritual exercises for contemplation and prayer, a self-reflection tool, and a leader’s guide for small group study.

Even in the most unexpected places—our weaknesses, our sins, our doubts—God loves to invite us into His presence. Come to the table.

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Lina AbuJamra is the founder of Living With Power Ministries. She is a pediatric emergency room doctor by profession and is passionate about empowering people with biblical truth. A popular Bible teacher, blogger, and conference speaker, she is the author of three books. She reaches listeners through weekly podcasts and a daily Morning Minutes devotional and is engaged in providing medical care for Syrian refugees in the Middle East. You can hear Lina on Moody Radio hosting Today’s Single Christian and find her boosting your faith all over social media. Lina is single and calls Chicago home.