Sarah’s Impatience

If I’ve ever had a spirit animal, or person rather, it’s Sarah. If you don’t know Sarah from the Bible, who had a baby at the ripe old age of ninety, let

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Esther’s Significance

 “You look cute,” the well-dressed woman said to me, leaning in my direction but continuing to walk past me towards the elevator doors. “Well, thank you, so much!” I responded, stunned by

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Encouraging and equipping you with 5 daily prayers to pray over your husband and several questions you can ask him to spark conversation.

5 Daily Prayers for Your Husband

Have you ever bowed your head and closed your eyes to pray, but instead of words coming to mind, your brain played white noise instead? Or maybe you’ve closed your eyes while

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When I think about a busybody in the Bible, I think about my girl, Martha. Luke 10 talks about how she welcomed Jesus into her home and started doing what she thought needed to be done to host a gathering. It says Martha was "distracted with much serving" (Luke 10:40). 

A Busybody in the Bible

Have you ever met a busybody, someone who is so distracted by what others are doing that they lose sight of the bigger picture? They also are inclined to meddle where they

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