Strong Women in the Bible

As parents of sons for over eight years, my husband and I have had no shortage of finding resources and examples of strong men in the Bible to share with our boys. From David to Daniel, and many men in between, there is an abundance of information about men.

After adding our daughter to our family, it became clear to me that I would need to dig a bit deeper to find resources that identified strong women in the Bible. Oftentimes, women are mentioned as a supporting mention to a man’s moment, but the examples of strong women in the Bible are more than worthy of their own spotlight.

Influential, graceful, and powerful women exist throughout the Bible. It is up to us as equally influential, graceful, and powerful Christian women to keep their stories relevant amongst conversations about leaders within the Bible. Let’s take a closer look at some examples of strong women in the Bible.

Who Are these Strong Christian Women?


Finding strength through heartache and rejection, Leah’s story in Genesis 29 and 30 is hard to forget. Can you imagine being in her situation? Your husband never wanted to marry you in the first place and then devoted years of his life in order to marry your sister! God saw Leah’s situation and favored her son, Judah, to be the line from which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would be brought forth. God continued to show His favor to Leah and bless her with many children. Leah’s story is a reminder to us that even when others discount us and try to make us feel unworthy or invaluable, God is the ultimate Redeemer and restores our hope in life’s circumstances through Him.


The story of Moses begins in Exodus 2 and is one of the earliest accounts from the Bible introduced to young Christians. He is revered as one of the most visible and influential leaders in the Bible. But before Moses could take a step, he was set adrift in a river of water and of hope from his mother, Jochebed. Her name is often left out of the story of Moses, however, Jochebed’s presence is indeed that of a strong woman in the Bible. Consider for a moment what it felt like to be Jochebed—a young mother so terrified that her baby would be killed at Pharoah’s command, it could only be divine hope that led her to a moment that would cement Moses’ legacy. Jochebed was permitted to nurse Moses by Pharaoh’s daughter, which granted Jochebed more time to bond with and care for her infant son. Jochebed surrendered her son to an unknown array of possibilities, but God wove her story into the life of Moses who would one day, under God’s command, lead their people from oppression.


Without question, another example of a strong woman in the Bible was Deborah (Judges 4). Serving as an influential judge in Israel before a formal kingship was established, she employed the power of her leadership to unite and bring peace that lasted for forty years. In a climate where she was clearly in the minority, Deborah was respected far and wide for her communication and visionary leadership skills. These skills would pave a path for her to leverage her strong influence for good.


If ever there was an example of a woman using her position with courage and boldness, the story of Esther stands amongst the ranks. An orphaned girl who grew into a woman of such unique beauty that King Xerxes selected her as his wife, Esther capitalized on her attractiveness and influence to the king to protect what would be the family lineage of Jesus Christ. The book of Esther illustrates the humble beginnings of this future queen turned rule changer. In Esther 7 and 8, Esther models herself not only as an empathetic and courageous queen, but as a leader committed to the safety and protection of her people, the Jews.


Strength can come in the form of complete surrender, which is what we see in Mary, one of the strongest women of the Bible. The mother of Jesus displayed strength beyond measure by choosing obedience in the unknown (Luke 2). From the birth of her Son to seeing Him crucified, Mary’s devotion to Jesus never wavered, making her one of the strongest examples of any person’s account shared in the Bible.

Common Qualities of Strong Women in the Bible

The choice to be strong is anything but common, especially for women during biblical times. Casting vision, speaking publicly, using wise intellect, and embracing emotional intelligence were just some of the qualities and skills displayed by the five strong women of the Bible highlighted here. Without question, courage and bravery were also needed qualities in the varying situations many of these women and others in the Bible leaned on.

How Can You Be a Strong Christian Woman?

The Bible says in Nehemiah 8:10 that the joy of the Lord is our strength. What we do and how we do it matters to God. When we are weak in our doing, God is a strong and present help—the strength which enables us to not simply survive, but to thrive! At times, we can forget this. Perhaps when we are knee deep in the trenches of work or caring for our families, we can become weary in our doing good. Let me encourage you to remember that time with our Lord provides peace and restoration. When we lay our burdens down at the feet of our Father, our yoke is made light.

You can like these strong women of the Bible even in your everyday life.

Incorporating some practical ways of remembering to activate your strengths as a strong Christian woman can fortify your daily journey along life’s quest. Take a moment to jot down the following:

Identify Your Strengths

Knowing your strengths is a pivotal component to understanding how to capitalize on your influence. Whether you are an excellent communicator, remarkably gifted at rallying others, or the absolute queen of anything detail-oriented, you should have a clear awareness of your strengths and how they can best serve you and others well.

Influence as an Invitation

Leveraging your influence as an invitation to those who want to know more about the strength that comes from within you will ultimately lead them to Jesus. Little explanation is needed regarding what God can do for those who seek to learn more about Him.

Lead By Example

Servant leadership is a disciplined practice of leading others well and serving them along the way. This isn’t only a best practice for demonstrating strength as a Christian woman but also as a leader others can trust. Leading by example was modeled in perfect fashion by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lead with Love

Jesus said in John 13:34, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.” Leading with love is a foundational quality of a leader who understands her influence but also the necessary thread of an empathetic connection to others. We were created for community, and as women, we develop in many ways from this communal fellowship.

Reflecting on the strong women of the Bible who are highlighted with this post, it is important to note that each woman’s efforts were not of a singular instance, but woven through the divine hands of our Creator. Our strength is nothing compared to the strength of our God. With Him at the helm of our lives, we are equipped to perform His purpose through us in meaningful ways. Join me in a prayer for the strong Christian women we already are and for who we are growing daily to become:

Father God, You are our Beginning and our End. You know the plans that You have for us, and it is our desire to become strong, courageous, bold, and brave women heeding the call and purpose You have for our lives. You make it clear that in our weakness, we are made strong through You. Guide us daily to make Christ-first decisions, leading with light and love in each seat that we hold. Remind us of the strong women in Your word who left legacies of trusting in You to see them through times of adversity, fear, and the unknown. Be with us, Father. We love You and thank You. In Your mighty name, amen!

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  1. I am more determined to know more about Jesus and share that love in my every day interactions with others. Thank you for reminding us that God does not discriminate nor discarded his daughters no matter what situation they found themselves in.

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