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Your God Knows

Lisa Whittle

This powerful sixsession Bible study reminds us that God is everpresent, always working, and forever faithful, no matter how weary or abandoned we may feel. Bible teacher and bestselling author Lisa Whittle explores the biblical book of Nahuma rarely studied collection of prophetic poems about God’s justiceas well as other scriptural truth. Throughout history, God has said to His people: “I see you. I know you. And I will make this right.” This is a crucial message for women today, as we so deeply need to rest in an allknowing God who can handle what is happening in the world and in our lives. Lisa draws on Scripture throughout the Old and New Testaments as she helps answer six critical questions for our times:
Am I forgotten?

How does good come from bad?

Do my desires and dreams matter?

Am I doomed by the sins of my family?

Will God make wrong things right?

Will I be okay?

This interactive videobased study and companion to Lisa’s book, God Knows, immerses you in the truth of God’s promises so you can know deep in your soul that a sovereign God understands your painand will one day make all things new.

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Lisa Whittle is the author of nine books, including The Hard Good and Jesus Over Everything. She is the founder of the online communities Ministry Strong and Called Creatives, as well as the host of the popular Jesus Over Everything podcast. Lisa and her family live in North Carolina.