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You Are Unshaken

Laura Krokos

Unseen. Powerless. Hopeless. Many of us, despite being Christians, believe that these words describe who we really are. Laura Krokos reminds us that these words are not simply negative self-talk. They are lies Satan uses to keep us from living out the peace-filled, joy-filled life God wants for us.

Each chapter in You Are Unshaken exposes a dangerous lie and equips us to fight back with truth. Here we will discover one of the greatest mysteries of the spiritual life: we find true satisfaction not in knowing who we are but in knowing who God is. You Are Unshaken helps us:

  • Realize that how we see God affects how we see ourselves.
  • Learn how to use God’s Word as the sword of the Spirit.
  • Feel grounded in God’s plan for us.
  • Move beyond distractions and discouragements.
  • Find confidence and peace even in difficult circumstances.

Knowing God’s character transforms everything in life: attitudes and actions, fears and desires. You Are Unshaken is more than a call to know God more; it is a reminder of who we already are because of who God has always been.

Softcover: 978-0-8307-8472-1

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Laura Krokos is an author, a speaker, and a ministry leader with a passion to know God and make Him known. She is director of women’s ministries for Master Plan Ministries, and her Missional Women blog engages readers from 110 countries. Laura lives in Colorado with her husband and six children.


“If you’ve ever wondered if there is purpose for your life or if you are valued, Laura Krokos has written a book just for you. Her conversational style, her creative analogies, and her practical applications will assure you that you are unshaken and God has beautiful purposes for you. You will discover the irrefutable evidence that God is in control of the magnificence of creation and of the tiniest detail of your life.”
Judy Douglass, writer, speaker, director for Cru Women’s Resources, author of When You Love a Prodigal book and podcast
“Infused with Scripture and powerful stories, You are Unshaken is a book that will help you understand two foundational truths: the nature of God and the identity of a Christian. In a world filled with constant attacks on both, Laura points us to biblical truths that help shape our thoughts and emotions in a Christ-centered, life-changing way.”
Katie Orr, author of Secrets of the Happy Soul and the FOCUSed15 Bible study series
“In You Are Unshaken, Laura reminds us that we become what we gaze at. And if we are gazing at a god made in our own image ... or a culture falling apart around us ... or a world plighted with darkness ... is it any wonder we find ourselves anxious, distraught, and anemic? Yet the solution is simple: fix our eyes on our great God. Drawing on decades of ministry, Laura shares seven core truths we can all “gaze” upon to shape us into women who walk with unshakable confidence. Well done and much needed in our day.”
Arabah Joy, author of Trust without Borders, blogger, and Bible study teacher at Sojo Academy

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