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Purpose Doesn’t Pause

Hope Reagan Harris

Feeling confused, stuck, or simply lost about who you are and where you’re going? You still have everything you need to live purposefully. Hope Reagan Harris’s book Purpose Doesn’t Pause helps you lean into your confusion, rather than avoid it, and create a roadmap that leads you out of uncertainty so you can enjoy a sense of purpose every dayeven in the hardest seasons. Purpose Doesn’t Pause speaks into ten different experiences that cause confusion, such as when:
Your life isn’t what you’d pictured

Something good comes to an end

You struggle with comparison

You’re called out of your comfort zone

Every chapter includes a story from a twentysomething woman who asked, “What if this season of confusion became a season of transformation?”
You could keep waiting for the life you want. Or you could show up with a sense of purpose no matter what. With free video content and interactive prompts for reflection and discussion, Purpose Doesn’t Pause offers faithbased ideas for getting unstuck and flourishing in who God created you to be.

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Hope Reagan Harris

Hope Reagan Harris graduated from Pepperdine University in 2017 and immediately entered the corporate world. She is the author of This Is My Happy Place as well as a wife, mother, Christ seeker, coffee lover, and Bentonville, Arkansas, local who loves encouraging women through her virtual community.