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Pray with Me

Erica Renaud

As Christian parents, our deep longing is for our children to love Jesus, not just know about Him. Pray with Me illustrates that intentional prayer practices can guide our children toward an authentic relationship with God during their preK through tween years.

Through relatable stories, biblical insight, and practical tips to involve families in prayer together, Erica Renaud outlines key steps and affirms the importance of:

  • Preparing children to pray by engaging their hearts
  • Getting creative about when, how, and what to pray
  • Expressing the theology of prayer in ageappropriate language
  • Encouraging prayer in response to tragedy and hard times

This goto for parents will also be a valuable discipleship resource for ministry leaders in guiding children and families to know Jesus and connect with God through powerful, personal prayer.

As our children grow spiritually, we can toono matter our own experience of prayer.

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As a speaker, author, wife, and mom of five, Erica Renaud brings a Christian perspective to matters of the heart and home, as well as of the world and culture around us. She speaks at conferences and events and has hosted a weekly radio show, At Home and Abroad. Erica and her husband are active in their multicampus congregation, where they lead prayer and worship gatherings.


How I wish I’d had this book as a young mom! Pray with Me provides creative ways to take prayer off the fine china shelf and place it directly into the hands of your children. You’ll discover a toolbox of ideas to not only equip your children to have meaningful and genuine conversations with God but to also bring Jesus into their everyday lives. Through Scripture, biblical wisdom, personal stories, and simply worded scripts, Erica provides foundational principles you can build on year after year to keep your children engaged with God, even through the challenging teenage years.”
Wendy Blight
Author, biblical content specialist for online Bible studies
“A common cry among children’s and youth ministry workers is that the parents are a child’s most important spiritual influence but not enough is done to equip them. With numerous practical and biblical examples and personal stories, Erica equips! She provides numerous go-to ministry tools for influencing our children to talk to God. So get the book, start reading—and pray with your kids in fresh and meaningful ways!”
Jim Jackson
Cofounder of Connected Families, speaker, and coauthor of How to Grow a Connected Family and Discipline That Connects with Your Child’s Heart
“Raw. Real. Road-tested. Pray with Me is a dynamic toolkit for partnering with God to help nurture little disciples whom God will grow into giants of faith. What a gift for all who long for the children they love to experience God personally!”
Dr. Rex Keener
Senior pastor, Grace Fellowship, Albany, New York

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